We connect motivated sellers to motivated buyers in Lincolnshire

No commission — sell your property for free

Sale security — buyers pay a non refundable reservation fee

Fixed timeframes — to keep things quick and always moving

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What Our Clients Say

We offer a fast-track solution to selling your home quickly in Lincolnshire. Don’t just take our word for it though — see what our clients have to say.

Bryce Wilkins

I needed to sell my home quickly but no one seemed to be able to help me, or at least give me confidence that they could deliver. Rezee were an absolute breath of fresh air. They kept the process simple and hassle-free and were in constant contact so that I knew exactly where things were. There were no selling fees and everything was sorted within a couple of days. Instead of stressing about the move, I was able to focus on my next steps.  ...more

Hayley Barnes

I had never sold a property before and it was a difficult time needing to sell my aunt's property who had passed away. However with the Rezee team I felt in safe hands. From meeting George at the valuation, he made me feel at ease and explained the process of selling a property really well. After signing up with them, Fran then updated me at least once a week with progress, giving feedback from viewings and negotiating a price I was really happy with. The whole team were friendly, approachable and really helped to make a very difficult time much easier. ...more

James Doonan

From start to finish, I dealt with Fran directly. I had never sold a property before so was unfamiliar with the process and what I needed to do. Fran explained everything step by step and proactively helped me to make sure that things kept moving and I could sell quickly. I knew where everything was up to at all times and no question was ever too small. ...more

Nick Butt

I had been on the market with a local estate agent for 6 months. I had some viewings and eventually accepted an offer I was happy with. However, just before e the sale was supposed to go through the buyer saw another property they preferred and pulled out of the sale. I was devastated because I had made plans and signed up to a rental property. With the prospect of paying rent on my new property whilst still paying for the mortgage at my old place, I knew I needed to act fast. I came across Rezee and was intrigued by the reservation fee that they take from the buyers, meaning the sale would be more secure than how I had sold it previously. Within a couple of weeks my property was sold and a buyer tied in with fixed completion times, which gave me peace of mind. I am so pleased with the outcome and would recommend Rezee to anyone. ...more

Ollie Pearson

Couldn't believe I got a great offer and no messing around. Definitely the way forward if you're looking to move quickly like I was!

Why Choose Us?

It’s totally free, we don’t charge you a penny.
We have an army of buyers actively looking for property in Lincolnshire.
We offer a secure selling service that more or less guarantees a sale.

We’ve turned the selling process on its head: we’re not an estate agent with high fees and indefinite timelines; we’re not an auction company where we gamble on the night with the price of your home; and we’re not an online estate agent that offers limited account support. 

We’re something completely different. We’re on your team looking to secure you a quick sale for a fair price.

We keep things simple: we don’t charge you a penny to sell your home, instead we charge the buyer a non-refundable fee; we only work with motivated buyers in Hull that are ready to purchase a property and have funds in place; and we work to fixed deadlines and timelines.


We don’t charge you a dime or tie you into punitive contracts— so you really have nothing to lose.


It’s our job to find you a motivated buyer with funds in place. Buyers have to pay a non-refundable reservation fee to secure your property. This means the sale is much less likely to fall through.


We don’t let things roll and move at their own pace. We work to fixed timelines for completion that all parties agree to.


We don’t just work with anyone. We only work with motivated buyers and sellers so that we can offer the fastest sales process in the market.

Customer First

We want to make the process simple and hassle free. All our customers are assigned a dedicated account manager who is always at the end of a phone; from questions about viewings, to negotiating offers and legal fees, they will help you every step of the way.

Proactive Market

We get moving straight away. We market your home to our network of pre-vetted buyers in Hull looking for properties in the area within an hour. We also make sure that your home is visible on popular property portals like Zoopla and RightMove.

Us Vs Them

Estate Agent


They charge 1% of the overall sales price— so for a property worth £250,000 that would be £2,500. With Rightmove and Zoopla doing most of the legwork, it’s often hard to understand exactly where your money goes.


They usually aren’t proactive in driving the sales process forwards. So it tends to be up to you to check in on how things are going and moving things along.


They simply act as the middleman connecting you to a buyer. They have no control over the process and can’t guarantee that a sale will actually go through.



Buyers are charged a high fee so tend to account for this in the price that they offer. So it’s still coming out of your pocket.


Auctions aren’t a daily occurence, so you have to wait.  As months pass, buyers can lose interest and you’re stuck in no-man’s land unsure of when you’ll be able to move.


It’s a gamble on the night— you have no control over the price.


We sell your home for free with 0% commision.


We assign a dedicated account manager acting as your go-to from start to finish.

We’re quick sales specialists that only work with motivated buyers and sellers that all want the same thing—  a fast, hassle-free sale.


Speed— We will market your home to active buyers in Lincolnshire within an hour.

Timeframes— We fast-track the process working to short but realistic timelines agreed by both parties.

Guaranteed Sale— Almost! Buyers pay a non-refundable reservation fee to commit to buying your home. This greatly reduces the risk of a sale falling through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our exclusive network of vetted buyers actively looking for properties in your area. A vetted buyer is someone who has shown proof of funds and therefore ready to purchase a property.
We don’t charge sellers anything. So it’s essentially free to list your property with us.
We will market your property to our exclusive network of vetted buyers, as well as listing your property on various websites, including the two main portals, Rightmove & Zoopla.