Our Story

Our Why


We believe the industry has needed a shake up for quite some time. With over 20+ years of combined director experience in the property industry, we’ve seen first-hand both the positive and negatives of the current selling systems. We’ve taken the best bits and got rid of the bad bits to create a completely new way of selling your home — Rezee. 


With the ever increasing number of sales falling through, our vision is to create a process with greater seller security meaning homeowners can have peace of mind and focus on their next move.


Our Principles


Reputation and providing the highest levels of service is fundamental to who we are. From initial contact to completion day, we aim to achieve excellent customer service.


We are striving to achieve the fastest possible selling method in the market.


Sale security is the backbone to the service we provide. We want homeowners to be able to focus on their next move, not worry about whether this one will actually happen.


Our Founders

George Beercock


“I have grown up in the estate agency world. My Family run a large local estate agents in East Yorkshire, and I began working there on Saturdays when I was 14. With education behind me, I moved to working full time in the family business. I’ve always been passionate about property and was consistently one of the companies top performers. At the age of 21, I purchased and renovated my first property and continued to do this whilst maintaining a full time job for the next 7 years. This led to me stepping away from the family business and setting up a property development business. After spending several years buying and selling properties I experienced first hand the flaws and frustrations of our current selling system, which led me to setting up Rezee.”

Francesca Bradley


“Throughout my professional life, I have always been involved in the property industry one way or another; from renovating properties to working for a large property auction company selling properties up and down the country. 

I’ve combined my varied experience to analyse and improve the selling process, taking the very best bits from the current selling systems and combining them. With Rezee, I strive to achieve a sales price you are happy with, whilst also ensuring your journey from start to finish is as smooth as possible.”


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